Talent Intelligence. What You Need To Know To Identify And Measure Talent

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The challenge with most companies' talent intelligence is that it is just not that intelligent

As the authors explain, knowing what methods and tools to use is just part of the challenge the bigger issue for many firms is ensuring they know how to use them and make the best use of the intelligence they provide.

Filled with illustrative examples, the book shows how to overcome the stumbling blocks that stand in the way of successful talent intelligence and reveals step-by-step what organizations need to measure, how they can best do so, and how they can successfully implement measurement and use the results

Having good talent intelligence an accurate understanding of the skills, expertise, and qualities of people is essential for the people decisions that all businesses make

The reason lies in talent measurement how companies produce their talent intelligence and then use it

When that happens, all their talent management and development activities are built on an accurate understanding of the talent available to them

Written by Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben-Hur two experts in the field this book draws on the latest research to show how businesses can transform the value and impact of their talent intelligence to make sure they get the right people in the right roles

Yet despite its vital importance, most organizations appear to be failing at this critical task