Taking It All Off

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A hedonistic couples-only resort and a shared cabin with bad-boy photographer Jake Dawson can end up only one way–hot, steamy and very sexy

After all, if she's going to write about romantic fantasies, she should at least uncover her own.Back in the real world, however, the chemistry between them won't go away

But journalist Glynna McCormick is struggling to let go of her good-girl self long enough to indulge her secret, sensuous side

Neither Glynna nor Jake is looking for a committed relationship to distract them from their career ambitions

That leaves them with a no-strings, no-holds-barred affair that's sure to satisfy these urges

Too bad this kind of passion is something they can't walk away from ever

With Jake as the temptation, maybe she can throw caution to the wind for this weekend only